Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Knitting Mojo Came Back...Slowly

I've started a small knitting project.  A quick and easy project to feel like I've accomplished something.  A lace cowl in a raspberry color.  It's still a work in progress.  I carry this project in my backpack hoping I might have a few minutes to knit during my lunch break.

I haven't lost interest in knitting.  It's just a lack of available time.  Also, I have an issue with competing hobbies.  Two weeks ago, I picked up another hobby...oil painting.  I'm teaching myself (not unusual, huh?) and so far working on my 5th painting.  I've noticed when I sit down to paint, I paint in 2 hour increments mostly alla prima (wet on wet).

This weekend, I do get to spend sometime with my yarns and teach a friend (Mavis) how to knit.  I will be teaching her the basic stitches, knit and purl as well as the long tail CO and binding off.  I plan to pull out some yarns I have from my out-of-control stash and let her pick something for her first project a scarf.  I have another friend (Kim) who wants a refresher on knitting so she can start her own project.  I need to set aside some time for her.

I'm feeling overwhelmed for the lack of time I have for myself.  I always tell my friends to make time for themselves and do something fun.  Right now, I feel torn between knitting and painting.

What do I do?

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anna said...

hi, I just found your blog and have enjoyed the post about Hey Teach very much. :)

please continue to do what pleases you most and I think at the moment that is painting.

Knitting will not go away and some day a pattern idea will pop in your head or your fav. cardigan has had its best time or you'll be cold or you'll be muttering about some storebought knitwear that could have been so much better if someone had just given it a bit more attention or you'll be stuck in a waiting room with nothing on your hands.
Untill then you have a whole world of colours and brush strokes and claire obscure and shapes and layers and that magic to capture. It's an amazing hobby, paintig!

I come from the other side: an artist forced to take a rest and took up knitting. I miss the arts terribly but I don't feel bad. I know it will be there when I return. With all the fascinations I felt before. And some new ones.
In the mean time there's knitting with all it's challenges and opportunities and tactile pleasure and flattering shapes and puzzles. :)
Enjoy enjoy. And thank you for keeping this blog online, I'm off to read some more.
best, Anna