Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Work in Progress

My New Tweed Reid is still a work in progress. I have the last decrease in the yoke to work and then maybe another inch of knitting after that. I'm still undecided on how I want the neckline to look. The pattern instructions have "bobbles" around the neck. I'm not sure if that's the look I want. I am contemplating an I-cord finish for the neckline. Something simple.

I managed to try on Reid while still on the needles and the fit seems to be right in line with what I was looking for. Not too flared at the hip area and not too long in length.

In the meantime, I've cast on for a man's scarf in basket weave pattern. Yes, it's time to start knitting Christmas gifts. Hope to knit a few of these in between my huge knitting projects. I'm using Berroco Comfort yarn in a really nice brown/bronze color.

I've also cast on for a top-down cardi from Plymouth Yarns. I found the most beautiful black tweed yarn for this project. It's Encore by Plymouth Yarns. The yarn is so beautiful, that I'm overlooking that it's an acrylic-wool blend yarn. I had to get used to having acrylic run through my fingers. This cardi is similar to the Shrug This! cardi from the One Skein Wonder book. BUT...there are a lot of differences. One...this Plymouth cardi comes in different sizes. Two...knits up in worsted weight yarn. Three...instructions are slightly different as to working the sleeves and then joining.

So far, the cardi is knitting up beautifully in the black tweed yarn. There is something about black tweed yarn that makes a garment stand out.

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