Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cast On Not One but Two

My New Tweed Reid lace pullover top has been finished for at least two weeks now. It's waiting to be blocked. It's waiting for me to find a few minutes out of my busy life to give it a good soak, roll it gently in lots of towels, and lay it out on my blocking mats. Actually, I'm waiting for floor space where I don't have to worry about family members who might accidently step on my finished product. I'm guessing, it will take at least 2-3 days to dry.

I've CO for two new projects. Two new cardigans to be exact. I'm knitting up My Favorite Cardigan by Wendy Bernard. It's an off the shoulder cardi with cables running down the fronts and on the sleeves. It's also a top down cardi. No seams! I'm using Classic Elite Waterlily in Blueberry color. Here's a picture of this gorgeous yarn:

I've also started another top down cardi. It's a cropped cardi pattern from Plymouth yarns. I'm using Plymouth Encore Tweed in Black. So far it's knitting up beautifully. This black tweed is the only color I like in the Plymouth Encore line. I have two more rows before separating the sleeves from the body. I may end up knitting a few more rows before separating to make sure the armholes are large enough.

Interesting that I'm not knitting something with a lace pattern. Interesting that these two new projects are top down cardis. I just keep on knitting. :)

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