Sunday, January 9, 2011

How About That? Reid Does Fit

I'm modeling my New Tweed Reid. Finally. I had finished this project back in September of last year. This tunic was meant to be worn sometime in the Fall. It took me only 3 weeks to knit and it took me 4 months to get it blocked. What can I say? Hand washing is a chore for me. I tend to wait until I have several things that need hand washing. Then I do it all at once.

I will end up wearing this with a black long sleeve t-shirt underneath. After all, it's cold now.

After blocking, I finally got the chance to model this tunic. It fits beautifully I must add. When I blocked this top, I just laid it out on my blocking mats and gently reshaped the garment. No pins were used. I think that was the key for me. I had tried this top on right off the needles last year and it was quite loose. Maybe that's why it took me so long to hand wash and block. I think I lost interest in it.

Now, I'm back to loving this top.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous colour! I like your idea of doing blocking in bulk, makes alot of sense :)

Sara said...

Looks great!

Anonymous said...

It looks good on you! Great job.