Sunday, January 9, 2011

Trying to Be Good

I've been wearing a lot of the cowls I've knitted. I like them better than wearing scarves. Plus, I enjoy knitting cowls. So, what do I do? I found another cowl pattern on Ravelry. So, instead of knitting and wearing the same lace pattern (e.g. Noble and Listado), I opted to look for another different lace pattern. I have now collected three new cowl patterns to try. The first one is called a basic lace cowl and the pattern includes CO instructions for different weights of yarn. That's a plus.

I've pulled out from my stash the Plymouth Happy Feet DK yarn in bright blue tones. I've been saving this for something special (other than socks) and finally matched a perfect project to go with it.

I've started this basic lace cowl and finished the first lace repeat pattern. I had to knit the first few rows to see if I would like it. The lace pattern is gorgeous. The yarn is knitting up beautifully. Now...I have to stop and put this knitting project aside as I'm taking this with me on vacation. Pure torture for me not to finish this. I have two small WIPs that I should be working on now, but it's not as exciting as when I start a brand new project that I can't seem to put down. Like this cowl.

I guess I need to put this away. Like in my luggage. What's that saying? "What you don't see, you don't knit"...that might be my new saying for this week.

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