Saturday, January 16, 2010

Knitting Bliss

I started the new year working a long and tiring work week. Working until 1am and then 12am for two nights in a row, is not my cup of tea. Losing sleep and then missing meals, makes me a very grumpy person. Then sleeping half the weekend away doesn't help. I have somewhat recovered during this past work week. I'm trying to keep my sanity while balancing a new job and keeping house. I made a commitment to myself, that I would somehow work in more knitting time. Time for me to have fun. I've started to bring a small knitting project into work with me. I am managing to get at least 30 minutes of knitting time during lunch. Like a kid getting a "happy meal", I'm getting my "happy knitting time".

So the small quick and easy knitting projects that you see me post here and on Ravelry will actually take me a bit longer to knit. That's because 30 minutes can equate to 6 rows of lace pattern or 15+ rows of stockinette stitches. Still...this is my knitting bliss.

Since I've started my new job last month, I've now become an evening knitter. I've managed to find 30 minutes of knitting time. Sometimes, I can knit while I'm cooking dinner. E.g. waiting for a pot of water to boil or waiting for dinner to bake in the oven. Yes, I'm a huge fan of casseroles. My evenings are devoted to the bigger knitting projects. Like this "no-swing jacket" I've been working on:

This is my second version and it fits beautifully. As you can see from the picture, I removed the "a-line" from the body. I've adjusted/tweaked this pattern as it had too much ease for a petite person like me. It's a quick knit with the bulky yarn and I really enjoy knitting from the top down. I hope to complete this jacket before this weekend is over.

I have several small projects in the works. One or two new ones that will need to be completed rather quickly. Thank goodness I have the yarns in my stash to use.

Happy Knitting!

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