Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow and Knitting Thoughts...the Two Go Hand-in-Hand

We've had several snow storms in the last two weeks. The last one earlier this week brought 4.5" to 5" of snow. Tomorrow and Saturday, we are expecting the BIG one. Predictions are around 18" to 24". I'll be knitting up a storm on Saturday.

I've been working on a red Noble Cowl. My second version, but this time using Rowan EF Merino DK yarn. This yarn is gorgeous and very soft. It's becoming one of my favorites. The red color is just beautiful. I need to make a mental note to knit more with red. It's a happy color and makes for happy knitting. Sorry, no pictures of the red cowl yet...

...but I can include a picture of my first version of my Noble Cowl in Heathered Purple:

This past weekend, I hand washed my My first Noble Cowl (Cascade Superwash). I used my Knit Picks blocking mats and dried the cowl flat. I also used the Knit Picks blocking pins.

My KP blocking mats have been a great investment. The mats remind me of interlocking puzzle pieces and I can arrange them to hold my blocking projects: from my small cowl to a large sweater/cardigan. So far, I haven't had the need to use all 9 mats at one time. You can see from the above picture, that I place a towel between my knitted project and the blocking mat. Then I use the blocking pins to pin the project into shape and let it air dry.

You can see a big difference when a hand-knitted project is blocked. Here's the project in progress. Notice how stiff and rippled the cowl looks:

After blocking, see how the lace patterns pops out and the cowl drapes nicely:

I've been thinking about my lonely CPH that's been sitting in my knitting bag since last November. I need to get in gear and finish it. I need to knit two sleeves (one is already on the needles). There will be two major design changes. First, will be the shorten them quite a bit. Second, will be to omit the hood and instead knit a deep ribbed collar around the neckline. It's probably a good thing that I put this project aside. It's given me time to think about the changes that need to be made.

Once I complete CPH, I need to start thinking about knitting for Spring. I've been going through my knitting mags and books looking for a fun project. I would love to tackle an easy fair isle or intarsia project. I think I'm ready for a multiple colored knitting project. I feel a challenge coming on.

I'm also thinking about Christmas projects. Already and again? As I continue to tackle my CPH and any new intensive knitting projects, I'll need some quick and easy projects to complete. I might as well use my time wisely and knits some gifts. My 30-day knitting marathon before Christmas is history. Been there, done that.

As you can see, I'm spending less time on my computer and more time with my knitting needles.

Happy Knitting!

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