Friday, June 11, 2010

Why Settle for One, When I Can Knit Another

Yep, I did it again. Once I find a really good TNT pattern, I can't seem to stop thinking about different versions. After I finished my Blue Liesl, I was itching to cast on for another. This one is called Linen Liesl. I found this gorgeous Plymouth Fantasy Linen (linen, cotton, rayon) yarn in my stash. I purchased this yarn on sale last year with no idea of what I was going make.

Here I am, trying it on after sleeve separation. Gotta love top down knitting and the ability to try on the garment while it's still being knitted.

Since this yarn has no give, I ended up knitting a size 42 or a Large. I normally knit a size Small. I started out with a size Small and found that the front edges wouldn't meet (for a wide neckline). I frogged my first attempt and made a conscious decision to try size 42 and see what happens. I cast on and knitted the yoke with #10.5 needles and then switched to #10s one row before sleeve separation. I was worried that the body of the lace cardi would be too roomy for me that's why I went down a needle size.

As I'm coming down from my knitting high with Liesl, I'm now looking for another garment to knit. I've pulled my warm weather magazines and stacked them into a neat pile. I'm off to do some searching....

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