Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Future Knitted Garment

As I am finishing my last fingerless glove, I need to move on to more challenging projects. If I don't, I may lose interest in knitting. Can't let that happen to me. It's cold here and there's snow outside. I want to make myself a sweater. This will be my first knitted garment.

So, I have been searching high and low on the Internet and in my knitting books for that great beginner sweater. I've been reading through lots of knitting instructions til I was cross-eyed and came up with this simple looking pattern.

BHG Basic Knit Sweater. Designed by Anne E Smith

This knitted sweater pattern came from a booklet I have, Better Homes and Gardens: Knitted Sweaters for Her by Leisure Arts. Page 2 shows the basic knit sweater using Lion Brand Homespun yarn. Other patterns include a cardigan, sleeveless turtleneck, twinset, cowl neck sweater, jacket, etc.

BHG booklet from Leisure Arts

The skill level for this sweater is rated Easy. Knitting needles size 8 (5mm) and size 10 (6mm) are used for this sweater. All I need is 4 skeins of yarn to make a size 40" sweater. It will be loose on me, which is fine. The 36" version will be tight on me. I do like this booklet as the majority of yarns they use for their projects are from Lion Brand, which is readily available.

I haven't decided on the yarn color I will be using. I need to go through my yarn stash to find 4 skeins of the same color. So far in my sewing room, I'm coming up short. Every time I pick up a color...I only have 3 skeins. I'll have to check my basement to see if there are any rogue skeins hanging around. Worse case scenario, I can start the project and then go to my local yarn/craft store to pick up the extra skein I'm missing. Chances are, it won't be in the same dye lot. That's okay for this first practice sweater.

Right now, I need to do a swatch/gauge sample to make sure I am not knitting too loose or too tight. I also need to see if all those cast on (CO) stitches will fit on my knitting needle. If not, I will have to head to my local yarn shop and get those lovely velvet bamboo circular knitting needles. Yes, I'm looking for an excuse! LOL!

If the book cannot be found, this pattern is available at BHG's site.

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