Friday, January 30, 2009

My Wonderful Circular Knitting Needles

My local knitting shop started carrying the Clover Takumi Velvet Bamboo knitting needles. I purchased one to try out. They are absolutely lovely to knit with. They are lightweight and feel wonderful in my hands. They are highly polished needles. I feel as if I'm knitting faster. My yarn just glides off as I make my stitch.

I ended up buying a few 24" circular needles for my future knitting projects.

I have not seen the Takumi Velvet needles at Michael's or AC Moore or Joann's. Those stores only carry the regular Takumi bamboo needles.

I still have my eye on the KnitPicks Harmony Wood Interchangeable Circular needles set. I like the idea of swapping out different lengths of cables with the different size needles.

For the mean time, I'm enjoying my new Takumi Velvets by Clover.

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