Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Rowan #46 Arrived and Knitting Thoughts

Yesterday, I received my welcome package to Rowan International. In the package was the beautiful #46 pattern book, their Autumn/Winter newsletter booklet (in color), a Rowan pin, welcome letter, another letter explaining the delay in their free yarn shipment, and a book sale notice. This annual subscription is definitely worth the price versus buying their pattern books separately.

I also received a package of brown/beige marled yarn in the mail from Jimmy Beans Wool. This yarn is destined to become a garment for my hubby.

Now that I have finished the 3 out of 5 WIPs, I want to start my Little Blue Sweater. I love the neckline and overall design. I love the final garments I've seen on Ravelry.

Little Blue Sweater by Simona Merchant-Dest for Interweave Knits

I have two wool yarns in mind (in my stash) and will need to knit a few swatches in the eyelet and cable patterns to see which one looks and feels like a great match. Most of the time, I can tell when the yarn and pattern will be a perfect match before I knit a swatch. This will be a bit different as I'm in between the size 34-1/2 and 39 inches in the bust measurement. Plus I will be knitting an eyelet and cable pattern throughout the sweater (front/back) which looks likes it will produce some amount of stretch with the eyelet and not much with the cable. I could go up a needle size and make the size 34-1/2 or go down a needle size for the size 39. I will make the call after I see what my swatches look like. ;)

Happy Knitting!


Rachel said...

That sweater will be so pretty!!! How many patterns are there the Rowan publication? I might be interested in subscribing at some point.

Amy said...

How did you subscribe to the Rowan mags?