Thursday, September 17, 2009

Started Another Project

I'm still working on my Little Black Sweater. I'm now knitting the front and working my way to the armholes and the neckline. This will be an interesting knit as I'll be decreasing the armholes and the neckline for the left and right sides. I'm hoping to finish the front piece sometime over the coming weekend.

I did CO a new project called Nimbus. I'm using a beautiful wool yarn in a burgundy red color.

Berroco Peruvia Quick in Granada

Nimbus is turning out to be a quick knit for me as I'm using chunky yarn and size 11 needles. I love the style of this cropped cardi. Very simple style. I think it will look just as good unbuttoned or slightly open. It's still warm in my neck of the woods, but I've been wanting to knit cardi/jacket to wear when the temperature starts to get colder. I didn't want to rush and make something at the last minute. I like planning ahead.

Nimbus by Berroco Design Team

The length of this cropped jacket is roughly 15-1/2 inches long for the "small" size I am making. I was thinking about lengthening the cardi, but may nix that idea as I didn't buy extra yarn.

If I get the perfect fit that I think I will get with this version, I do plan on making another in a longer length and use a yarn that is machine washable. Yes, when I knit two of the same garments, one is destined to be machine washable.

Happy Knitting!


Rachel said...

I love that Nimbus pattern. It reminds me of something from anthropologie.

Trina said...

What a cool pattern! *Off to add it to my favourites list...*