Friday, September 11, 2009

Rowan International Information for Inquiring Minds...

I'm back with a post about Rowan International. Rachel and Amy had a few questions that I thought it deserves a special post. Here are their questions:

Question: How many patterns are there in the Rowan publication?

Answer: It appears there are on average 30+ patterns per magazine. There are a few men's patterns, some children's patterns, and a lot of women's patterns. The designers includes: Kaffe Fassett, Martin Storey, Erika Knight, Amanda Crawford, Sarah Dallas, and others.

Here are two issues that I have:
- Issue #45 (Spring/Summer): 37 garment patterns (4 men's and the rest women's) and 10 accessories patterns
- Issue #46 (Autumn/Winter): 40 garment patterns (7 men's and the rest women's) and 8 kid's & teen's patterns

To see all the fashion that is included in each magazine, you can go to Rowan's site and click on the magazine. Be patient as the photos load.

Question: How did you subscribe to the Rowan mags?

Answer: I understand there are two ways to subscribe. One via the Rowan site and the other via phone. I've heard there were problems fulfilling the subscription request via the Internet. I went ahead and contacted Jessica (US) and she was able to take my subscription order over the phone.

Here's the information:
Jessica Lacasse
1-800-445-9276 x2511

Jessica is a super sweet person and answered all my questions. She must have the patience of a Saint. I can imagine all the customer calls and emails that she must endure when the free yarn isn't available to ship. So, if her phone rings and rings and goes into voicemail, leave her a detailed message (e.g. interest in subscription). Jessica will call you back.

Give Jessica a big Hello from me. :)

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