Tuesday, September 1, 2009

If It's Not One Thing, It's Another...

I am happy to report that I was able to find another hank of the Plymouth Fantasy Naturale in Denim Twist. Same dye lot. Now, I can continue to finish my vest. BUT.

I have another problem. In my 5 hour knitting marathon yesterday, I forgot to knit the button holes on the front right piece. I didn't even notice it yesterday and I re-read the instructions when I started the front right. Yes, I had a slap myself silly episode while I was on my way back from the LYS today. Isn't it funny while I'm driving...the things I think about?

There is no way I'm frogging this last piece. I'll make a decision early tomorrow morning when my creative juices are flowing. I may end up sewing decorative buttons on both sides and wear the vest open. I need to keep moving forward with this garment. Any decorative additions can be added at the end.

Gosh darn, this is a sign that I need to move on to a different knitting project. A new garment.

My Malabrigo Noviembre Shrug is coming along fine. I tried it on and it fits much better. Going up a needle size was the best solution. I just joined my last cake of yarn and looking forward to seeing how this longer shrug will look on me.


Trina said...

Yay i'm glad you were able to find the yarn you needed!

You could always crochet a little loop to use as a button hole?

Looking forward to seeing your newest creations :)

Anonymous said...

I agree! Just because you forgot the button holes doesn't mean you can't have them. Crocheting button holes is super simple, and you'll get a nice crocheted finishing edge which (in my opinion) always looks very very nice. I might have even been known to leave out the button holes on purpose specifically so that I can crochet them.

Good luck deceiding what you want to do!

2BSewing: said...

Great ideas! Thank you ladies. Once I finish the garment, I will post a picture before I attempt anything. ;)

Jasmine's Mommy said...

Wow, you are having such a productive month with all your beautiful projects. By the way, I LOVE the purple shrug.

I've been bit by the sewing bug. While on vac, my BIL's wife's mom help me sew an outfit and now I'm hooked! Maybe you could recommend a good website and sewing magazines?

The Fiesta Rayon yarn reminded me of yarn my friend gave me in the summer. I didn't know what to use the yarn for but now I know! I am going to make a shawl with it! I'm so glad I stop by your blog :)