Monday, August 31, 2009

Learning My Own Lessons...Dye Lot

I spent 5 hours today waiting for my vehicle to get repaired at the repair shop. I didn't have any gadgets to occupy my time. Thank goodness I had two knitting projects with me...that's all I could do was to sit and knit and wait.

I was cruising along on my cabled vest when I almost finished the cake of yarn I had. Okay, not a problem. I have another hank or two sitting in my stash. I had paid my huge car repair bill and had enough time to run home, grab the hank of yarn, and head to work.

I was getting ready to wind the yarn when I noticed it was a shade off. Like one shade lighter than the vest I was working on. Yikes! It was more noticeable in natural light. I've already knitted the back and front left piece and was halfway finished with the front right. There was no way I could integrate this lighter colored yarn.

Lesson learned? Yes! Always buy an extra hank of yarn in the same dye lot.

So, now my denim vest is sitting in my knitting bag...waiting. I'm off tomorrow in search of the last hank that I need. I'm hoping one of my LYS will have one left in the right dye lot.

I'm still on target to get the vest done by the end of this weekend. The weather has gotten cooler and I would love to finish this last 100% cotton project.

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Trina said...

Oh no! I haven't had that happen to me, but I hope you find some more in the same dye lot! I'm sure you'll get your cotton project finished in time :)