Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Knitting Updates

We're getting ready for our trip to Chicago to participate in a Leadership conference. I've collected a few things to wear and put them in piles. So, I'm not really packed...yet. The suitcase hasn't even shown its face. I'm getting ready to put my two knitting projects on lifelines and then I can pack the projects and needles in my luggage. I don't plan on doing any knitting while we're in transit to Chicago. That's what my iPod is for. DH and I will be watching a movie or listening to tunes. Thank goodness for my dual headphone adapter.

Once we arrive and get settled (outside of Chicago), I do plan on visiting one or two yarn shops in the area. I also hope to get some knitting done...an hour here or there. As to what we're going to see and do in Chicago...we're going to be spontaneous.

I thought I would give you an update on my current projects:

Cabled Vest in Denim

Yes. I've started another cabled vest. I couldn't help it. This Plymouth Fantasy Naturale in Denim Tweed called out to this pattern and now the two became one. The yarn is beautiful! I love the marled look. I can't wait to see how the cable (front pieces) will turn out. I plan on wearing this version right through the Fall season. I guess I've started knitting my transition garments.

Cabled vest in denim. Isn't the yarn color gorgeous?

Finished the increases @ the sides (M1s at each side, slanting appropriately) every 4th row, 6 times

Lace Panel Cardigan in Violet

I'm moving right along with this project. The back piece took awhile to finish. It's all stockinette stitches. Not too exciting. Once I got beyond the bottom armhole, the knitting seemed to go a lot faster.

Lace panel cardi in violet - back piece completed

I've started the left front piece. This is more interesting as I'm now knitting the lace pattern.

Lace panel cardi - front piece

Here's a non-flash picture of the lace pattern detail:

Lace pattern for front piece...pretty simple design

The only minor issue I'm having is remembering when to knit or purl the stitches. There are no charts for this pattern, just line by line instructions.

Both of these projects will be traveling with me.

Log Cabin squares

I managed to finish the last square. I'm glad I picked out two completely different color yarns. Interesting to see what I ended up with.

Second square

Both squares completed and waiting to be integrated with the other squares at work

That's what I've been up to.

Oh. I almost forgot to mention this. A friend of mine gave me some old crochet and knitting magazines and patterns that she had collected over the years as well as patterns given to her by friends. I was skimming through them and uncovered some wonderful finds. Vintage knitting patterns. Yes, I call them vintage as they are dated from the 1940s. There are a lot of cardigans and twinsets. Some plain and some with intricate details. I'm in awe. A nice surprise. I will do a separate post on these old knitting patterns along with some pictures when I get back.

Happy Knitting!


Rachel said...

Have a great and safe trip!! I can't wait to see the vintage patterns.

Trina said...

I hope you get lots of free time to work on those projects - and I do love that blue yarn in your cabled vest! Those log cabin squares look great too, I must see if I can find a pattern to try it.
Have a lovely trip!

Karen said...

Those magazines and patterns sound like such treasures. I look forward to seeing them.

Your projects are all so pretty - how do you ever decide which to work on? Have a wonderful trip to Chicago. And remember, souvenir yarn is a must! ;)

Clio said...

Wow! You are really knitting up a storm. And such fun fashions! Definitely NOT your grandma's sweater...