Friday, August 28, 2009

No House Cleaning, Just Knitting

Yes, that's what I've been doing. Knitting. I've gone back to my denim cabled vest and finally finished the back piece. I've started knitting the front left and hope to get back on track with this project. My goal is to finish this vest by next weekend. I can be hopeful, can't I?

I'm thinking about getting a subscription to Rowan International. Their designs are so beautiful! The magazines or pattern books come out twice a year and they include on average 30+ patterns per issue. Funny thing, I don't have any Rowan yarns in my stash. I can substitute yarns. No problem. That's the fun part of being creative.

I'm waiting for some yarn to arrive. I plan on knitting a few more shoulder scarves in various colors. It's catching on as I have several friends who are interested in making one or two. This scarf is a winner.

I've been thinking about shawl pins. Not buying them, but designing and making my own. Several times, I've had the need for one. Something not too heavy and not too large. I have a lot of ideas, I just need to sit down and do some creating.

I hope you have a fun filled knitting weekend. Remember to make some time for yourself.

Happy Knitting!

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Trina said...

Shawl pins are great! I'd love to see how your ideas turn out :) And i'm definately keen to make one of those shoulder scarfs when I find the right yarn...