Monday, August 17, 2009

Must Be a "Blue" Month

If you look in my knitting bag, you will see some variation of blue yarn. That's what I'm currently using for my two projects. I just finished the shoulder scarf and that is blue as well. Interesting. I love the color blue. It's a soothing color for me. That's probably why I like wearing blue jeans. Plus, most colors go with blue. Just like the color black. Except black is a bit too warm to wear right now, under our hot and humid conditions. So, blue is my color and it looks like I'll be ending the summer month with that color as well.

I won't have a lot to post this week. I'm trying to check off my "to do" list which doesn't include any knitting items. DH and I will be heading to the Homestead Resort in a few days. DH is one of the guest speakers for the "In the Garden" series that is being hosted there. I'm looking forward to some quiet time there with my camera and my knitting needles. From the looks of this place, I found a picture of a porch with rocking chairs. This is what I call a great opportunity for "front porch" knitting.

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