Thursday, August 20, 2009

A New Project in the Works

Ever since I knitted that quick and easy shoulder shawl a few days ago, I've been itching to knit another quick project. So what did I do? I casted on for another Shrug This! This Malabrigo Chunky yarn has been keeping an eye on me and finally screamed out to me when I was sorting through my yarn stash the other day. The color is Noviembre. Unfortunately, I'm in a rush to post and of course the colors are off in this picture.

This is the true color of Noviembre:

At the rate I'm going, I think I might have this shrug done before I get back home. lol!

I'm also bringing my JoJoland yarn and will try to knit a swirl or two for my swirl scarf. Hopefully, I can remember the "magic loop" technique and give it a try.

I mentioned that I was sorting through my yarn stash. It's that time, where I move my summer yarn out of my room and bring in the wools. Kind of like rotating your wardrobe when the season changes.

Happy Knitting!


Trina said...

Rotating is great - it reminds you about yarn you'd forgotten you had! Those colours looks very interesting - you must be able to knit it without looking at the pattern by now!

goldie said...

Hello, and thank-you for such a wonderful blog. I am a beginner. I'm doing a vest. There is a sweater I would love to make from the "Knitters" magazine; however, I need to find out where I can purchase wool and wool blend yarns. The only yarn stores that I have are chain fabric & craft stores, and they do not have a good selection. You are blessed, you have a yarn store. Where can I get reasonable priced yarn from online?

Rachel said...

That is really pretty!!! I am ready to venture into uncharted territory and knit something with short rows. I am nervous about the picking up of the wrapped stiches on the other side. Have you done a project with them?