Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back from The Homestead

We are back from our trip and I'm busy uploading pictures to my various blogs, website, and Face Book. For those of you who are waiting (Hi Becky!) for my pictures to appear on my personal website, it may not happen anytime soon. Looks like my web hosting server is down. To see a few of the Homestead pictures, you can visit my 2BPhotog blog. I also have a link on the left side of this blog.

I did manage to get a few hours of knitting time during our weekend getaway. I'm finishing the sleeves of my shrug and will continue to knit the body. I'm going to keep knitting until I run out of yarn. Which will be interesting to see how long this shrug will be since I'm on my 2nd cake of yarn and have the 3rd one waiting.

I did find the the rocking chairs that I mentioned in a previous post. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to sit and knit in one of those chairs like I had wanted to. The one and only time we had a break, most of the chairs were taken. On the last morning before we had to check out, I was able to capture this moment:

The Homestead front porch...complete with rockers and chaise lounges and do you see me anywhere in this picture?

We had a great time here and I am blessed to have made new friends.


Trina said...

Looks like a gorgeous place! Looking forward to seeing your shrug progress :)

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