Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Doing a Sample Swatch for My Next Project

Yesterday afternoon, the Hey Teach cardi pattern was calling out to me. I grabbed some worsted weight yarn and decided to do a test swatch of the pattern. This was the result of last night's work:

My test swatch (bottom ribbing, base, more ribbing, one section of lace pattern)

This morning my Debbie Bliss Stella (Denim) yarn got some action. I started to knit the cardigan in size 8 needles.

The start of Hey Teach lace cardigan - back piece

After looking at the swatch, I decided to make a slight change to the pattern. For the ribbing under the bust (before the lace pattern starts), I will use my smaller size needle (#7) to give the cardi some shaping and then go back to #8 for the lace knitting.

Another change I'll make is to use 4 small buttons in the front lace area and keep the bottom of the baby doll area open. When I wear cardigans, I rarely button up in my waist area. No need to accentuate one of my problem areas. :)

Hey Teach lace cardigan by Hélène Rush (from

From my sample swatch, the lace pattern seems to be easy to follow.

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Trina said...

I love the colour you picked :) I think those kind of cardis look best with just the top buttoned too.