Sunday, May 24, 2009

Frogging & Using My Lifeline!

I had removed my first lifeline (before BO & decreases) and inserted a new lifeline right after the decreases for the armholes. Thank goodness, I took some time to do that. Late yesterday afternoon, I spent some time knitting an additional 3 inches of the lace cardi.

New lifeline and 3 additional inches of lace knitting

I was having problems with the right side (or the first 8 stitches and first pattern repeat) of the back cardi, At this point I'm trying to follow the chart, even though the right side (first 8 stitches) are no longer on the chart. I just kept knitting and knitting only to realize I did not have enough YOs or too many and the first repeat pattern was slightly skewed. I attempted to fix the problem and finally understood what I needed to do to maintain the pattern. At the beginning of each row, I need to pay attention to the previous knitted rows and follow the pattern. Kind of like a lightbulb moment went off in my head.

The problem area in the upper right corner of the cardi

The problem area and you can catch a glimpse of my lifeline thread

This morning, I ended up frogging all 3 inches of the lace pattern back to the newly inserted lifeline. What a huge lifesaver! I easily re-inserted my needle into the stitches and was back to knitting again.

As I re-knitted the lace section, I kept my eye on the previous rows to make sure I kept and maintained the lace pattern. Basically, I don't read the chart for the first 20 stitches because I'm maintaining the pattern from the previous rows. I also figured out that when I need to do a YO, that I need to knit a decrease to maintain the stitch count for the row. After I knit the 20 stitches, I go back to the chart to make sure the pattern is in alignment and continue from there.

I had to go through this experience of to frogging and re-knitting the back section. I may or may not encounter this again while knitting the front sections.

My personal technique is working for me. I've knitted 2 inches of my original 3 inches. I'm pleased with the results. :)

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