Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Knitting Updates

I have to say that knitting a simple lace pattern actually requires some quiet time. Focus time. A block of solitude time. I tried to knit this while watching TV, while at work, or while rushing to knit a section...only to have made mistakes. I decided not to frog any of the mistakes and just keep knitting. This will be my original piece of knit work. Lessons learned and a reminder of what not to do on my next lace scarf project.

Moving right along with the lace

One thing that helped me to knit the repeat pattern is to place stitch markers between the repeats and also at the side. Of course I got distracted and I missed some garter stitches on one side.

Using my stitch markers with this lace project

I'm still working on my weekend cardi. I'm in the body area where it's pretty much straight forward stockinette stitch. I only need to knit about 1-1/2 inches and then do the ribbing. Then I can move onto the sleeves and rib the front and neckline.

Progress being made

Back side view

I frogged my Plymouth Yarn Royal Llama Silk Shrug. It's been sitting on my needles for 2 months with no progress at all. I was halfway through knitting it and lost interest back in March. You know, it's one of those garments that just doesn't do anything for me. Since the Royal Llama Silk yarn is worsted weight, I know I won't have any problems finding a cute top to knit instead.

Plymouth Royal Llama Silk Shrug...frogged and gone

I found this fabulous yarn at my LYS. It reminds me of the beautiful Caribbean.

Lorna's Lace yarn in Georgetown color

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Trina said...

Well done with the lace, I can't see any mistakes from your photos :) Pretty stitch markers too!