Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Knitting

I worked on my weekend cardi. By yesterday evening, I finished ribbing the right and left sleeves (K2P2). I also finished ribbing the right side. As the night wore on, I started to rib the left side and ran into a problem. This morning (5am), I saw my mistake. The left side ribbing was not matching the ribbing pattern on the right side. Somewhere I had managed to do K4 or P4 and threw off the rib pattern. I frogged the left side and started again.

Now, the cardi is done and sitting on SusieQ. I need to weave in the loose ends and pictures will be taken.

While finishing the cardi, I casted on the Cap Sleeve Pullover (by Jacqueline van Dillen) using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Coral Sunset. According to Ravelry, I now have 6 WIPs. I better start knitting like a mad woman or put some of the projects in hibernation until I can get some of the them completed.

My upcoming projects on the horizon are: Hey Teach by Helene Rush and a Pleat Neck Top by Coralie Meslin. For Hey Teach, I plan on using Debbie Bliss Stella in Denim color. For the Pleated Top, I will be using Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy in Aquamarine. Yes, it appears I'm in a pretty blue mood. :)

Both the Cap Sleeve Pullover and the Pleat Neck Top patterns are from the latest issue of Knit Simple Spring/Summer 09 magazine.

I wanted to leave this final picture. I just love this cardi on the cover of the latest Vogue Knitting mag. It's the Botanica Medallion Cardigan. I managed to snag this off the B&N shelf a few weeks ago. I noticed some stores have ran out already. On Ravelry, there are currently 94 of these cardis started or finished. I must say they are gorgeous in all the colors I've seen. The lace scarf I'm currently knitting is also from this issue.

Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer '09 magazine cover

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Trina said...

Yay, congrats on finishing your weekend cardi, I'm excited to see the pictures!