Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another Fingerless Glove Pattern?

Yes!  I happened to be looking around on Ravelry and found another fingerless glove pattern.  It’s the same Fetching pattern, but instead of the plain cable design…it’s using an “owl” design.  This modified pattern is from Destiknits at   Here’s a picture of the gloves from

Owls glove by Destiknits

Naturally, I will want to try knitting a pair of these real soon. 


On the knitting front – Continental Way:

I’ve been practicing faithfully…knitting the Continental way.  I’ve knitted a 4”x4” swatch in St st using the Berroco Comfort yarn and I’m getting gauge.  Wahooo!  I’ve been challenging myself by knitting another swatch and switching between St St, ribbing, and the seed stitch.  So, I have several rows in St st, several rows in ribbing, several rows in seed stitch.  I’m really challenging myself and to create consistent looking stitches. 

I enjoy knitting this way, however the slow rate I knit.  I’m sure with more practice, my speed will pick up.  I do like how I don’t have to use my right hand as much (the swinging of my right arm to go between the knit and the purl stitches).  I do like having the yarn in my left hand and actually using minimal movements to knit and purl.  Would you believe that purling is actually easy for me to do and that I enjoy it using the Continental method versus the English way? 

Happy Knitting!

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