Saturday, December 11, 2010

More Fetching Fingerless Gloves

I’m on a knitting roll.  Not so much knitting garments (as I have a few WIPs staring me in the face and making me feel guilty), but knitting quick accessories.  I seem to do this in spurts.  Maybe it’s seasonal.  I have a new found love for knitting fingerless gloves.  The Fetching pattern in particular.  I really like the cabled ribbing pattern around the wrists and again at the knuckle area.  This has become my TNT pattern.  So far, it takes me 3 hours to finish one glove or 6 hours for a set.  Not bad as I’m a slow knitter. 

Here’s my 2nd set of Fetching knitted in Comfort by Berroco in a gray color:



The gray color is much darker than the pictures show.  I’m not too talented taking a one-handed picture using my DSLR, so I have to rely on my handy P&S (point & shoot) and of course the pop up flash which blows the color way out.  Trust me, the dark gray color is beautiful. 

I really like knitting with the Berroco Comfort yarn even though it’s a synthetic yarn.  It produces a beautiful knitted fabric and it’s quite soft. 

I have to admit that there’s nothing like knitting with real yarn.  Here’s my 3rd version of Fetching on my DPNs.  I’m using Savoy by Tahki Yarns in a beautiful berry color.  This yarn is silk/merino wool and very, very lovely to knit with.  It has a beautiful sheen and a joy to knit with.  Some Ravelers who have knitted garments with this yarn have mentioned that this yarn will pill. So far, I haven’t experienced that while knitting the gloves.  It’s just doggone beautiful!


So, what will I do with several versions of Fetching?  I’ll have a set to use at work to keep my hands warm while I’m typing.  Yes, it can get chilly in the office.  Another set will be worn when I’m on a photography assignment and have to take outdoor pictures.  I still need my bare fingers to grip my DSLR and press the buttons.  Better to have something to partially cover my hands than nothing at all. 


These are functional fingerless gloves and the cabled ribbing adds some elegance to an otherwise simple and easy to knit pair of gloves. 

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