Sunday, April 26, 2009

Frogging Big Time!

I had finally put the sleeves of my weekend retreat cardi on stitch holders. I tried it on to find that the cardi is too big. I can cross over the front (without the ribbing). The armhole length is too long. I suspected this, but you can't really tell when the whole garment is crammed onto circular needles.

I will frog the cardi (all 55 rows) and start again. But I will have to wait.

I still have two untouched skeins of the pink Denim Style. I plan on knitting a smaller size (Small - 35") for my 2nd version. I will keep the 1st version so I have something to compare with. When I feel comfortable with the 2nd version, I will proceed with the frogging of the 1st and reuse the yarn.

Lesson well learned. I should go with the size closer to my full bust of 36".


Trina said...

Oh no! Good that you're staying positive about it though :) I'm almost up to that section on my Buttony sweater - I put it on waste yarn to try it on and the arms were still too small... more boring knitting to go before seperating!

2BSewing: said...

Isn't that funny? The garment gets more interesting (and faster) after separating the sleeves. But you're right, it just seems to go on and on and on. :)

Trina said...

I tagged you in a meme! I hope you can reply :)