Thursday, April 30, 2009

Frogging & Rewinding and a New Project

While I was working at the LYS today, I got a chance to frog my weekend retreat cardi. It took me 20 minutes to undo several hours of knitting. I used the ball winder to rewind my yarn. What a lifesaver!

I went from this:

My first attempt at the weekend retreat cardi on SusieQ

To this:

The two balls on the right are the result of winding my frogged weekend retreat cardi

After using the ball winder...the ball of yarn was huge! I had to take the picture above to show you the size in comparison to the original skein.

I'm glad to say I've done 14 rows on my 2nd version of the cardi. That's progress.

I've also started another project called Candy Kisses. This kit includes 3 duck buttons, a whole ball of yarn to make a baby sweater, and instructions for 2 different sweater types. I'm knitting this sweater for a relative. This is my 3rd attempt to get started. For some reason, I've been having problems knitting this. It's been coming out a bit too loose. This is the first time, I'm knitting with smaller needles like size 5 for the ribbing. I'm not used to it. Wish me luck as I finish the ribbing and get into the body of the sweater.

Candy Kisses by Plymouth Yarns

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Trina said...

Candy Kisses sounds like a sweet project, I LOVE the yarn colours!!