Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Malabrigo on My Mind

After spending so many hours yesterday, touching and feeling the Malabrigo yarns, I felt I was in yarn heaven. To continue that feeling, I pulled out my new Malabrigo yarns this morning. They are just as beautiful as when I saw and bought them yesterday. I love the thick and thin Aquarella yarn in Yi. The color was just too gorgeous to be sitting in my bag waiting for some action. The yarn screamed "make me into a shrug". So, I casted on the yarn this morning to make another Shrug This.

There are various shades of blue with a slight hint of teal in some areas. I love the thick and thin qualities of this yarn and it's knitting up nicely.

Shrug This in Malabrigo Aquarella - Yi color

I can never have too many shrugs. Especially when it's made with Malabrigo yarns.


Trina said...

Excellent plan :) You must be able to recite that pattern in your sleep now!

2BSewing: said...

No kidding about reciting this pattern from memory. lol! This shrug is actually coming out bigger than I thought and I'm using 40" circulars. The yarn is quite thick as well.