Monday, June 22, 2009

My Fascination for Knitting Lace Patterns in My Garments

I've been going through my patterns and noticed I have accumulated several lace pattern garments. It is the season to incorporate lace patterns into one's knitting projects. I didn't know the real reason, until I finished my lace cardigans and started to wear them. I've been wearing both versions of Hey Teach over the last several days. From hot & humid to breezy days. They were very comfortable to wear.

I love the open lace stitches as it allows air to circulate within the garment. That's important for me as I tend to get overheated when the air temperature goes up and humidity sets in. Using cotton or cotton-blended (natural) yarns also helps to keep me cool. I wore my Denim version (cotton/silk/rayon) on the hottest day and I still managed to keep my cool.

For me, the pattern has to have some functionality as well as style. As I head into the hottest months of July and August, I'll be knitting a lot of lace-type garments to keep me cool.

Happy Knitting!

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