Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ribbing Until My Eyes are Crossed

I never though I would say this, but I'm tired of knitting the ribbed pattern on Ophelia. I know, it's because I'm knitting two versions. Knitting with the worsted weight yarn is not too bad. I can't imagine using a lighter weight yarn. I shouldn't complain since the rib pattern is K2,P2. It could have been worse with K1,P1. That part is done.

This is my first time, following a lace pattern with no chart. I'm just reading line by line (text) in the pattern instructions. There's a 12 row lace repeat pattern above the ribbing. So far, it's been an easy knit. I've put in stitch markers to mark the fronts, sides, and back. I used different color stitch markers to mark the sides and also the 3-repeat lace pattern in the back. The stitch markers have been a big help as I'm knitting, purling, and knitting the lace pattern in the RS and WS rows.

Ribbing completed on Mediterranean. Lace pattern started on Cactus

I'm getting ready to split the fronts from the back on Cactus. I can't wait to finish both of these as the temperature here is hot and humid. We haven't reached 90 degrees yet and I'm feeling hot & sticky already. So far, Ophelia appears to be a heavy garment as I'm using thick worsted weight yarns. I think it's a mental thing for me right now.

I did knit a quick swatch for CeCe to check the gauge. Looking forward to starting this new project.


Jasmine's Mommy said...

I really like the lace pattern. It looks like another really nice project.

It hot and sticky here too. I'm ready for the nice cool autumn days....

Yarn It said...

Your knits are coming along great. Can't wait to see Ophelia. I have been wanting to knit that!

2BSewing: said...

Ladies...thank you for your complements. Ophelia is turning out to be a great looking garment.

Trina said...

They look like they're coming along nicely so far, hang in there :)

And while you're complaining about the heat, i'm sitting here with a scarf round my neck and heater on trying to keep my legs warm, its freeeezing in my part of the world!