Monday, June 15, 2009

Storage - How Do I Store All Those Printed Patterns & Knitting Information?

(Updated with pictures)

I thought I would take time out today to do a post on storing knit patterns. Just like most of you, I have accumulated a lot of free patterns as well as purchased patterns off the Internet. I've printed those that captured my attention right away and those that I would like to knit in another few months when the season changes.

Where do I store all my patterns and knitting information?

I have 3 binders on knitting. My first binder or Project binder, holds the patterns that I've queued to be done within the current season or something I will definitely knit and have the yarn for it. This Project binder is my to do list. My second binder or my Catalog binder, holds patterns of all projects that I've collected. Every now and then, you will find me moving patterns between these two binders. Sometimes, I'll start a project and then decide I'm not thrilled about. That pattern gets moved from my Project binder into my Catalog binder.

My three knitting binders. The hot pink binder contains my queued projects or "to do" list

New patterns that I print off, automatically go into my Catalog. I can see my Catalog binder branching out into Catalog-1 and Catalog-2 binders real soon. ;)

My Catalog binder filled with knitting patterns

This type of pattern organization has helped me stay somewhat focused. I only go into my Catalog when I need to look for something new to knit or I have a specific garment in mind.

My third binder or Resource binder holds hard copies of how to articles, general knitting information, sizes and measuring, yarn standards, knitting techniques, blocking, and any other knitting related information that I've collected.

My Resource binder with knitting information and how-tos

How do I protect my individual printed patterns?

To store my printed patterns, I use clear sheet protectors. Sometimes I will print off a color picture of the knitted project and the rest will be in black & white print. Where possible, I always use two-sided printing. I can usually place 5 sheets of printed paper into one sheet protector.

My patterns in sheet protectors

When I get ready to work on a project, I just pull the sheet protected pattern out of my binder and stick it in my knitting tote bag along with my yarn and notions.

I enjoy using the sheet protectors as I can jot down knitting notes on a post-it note sheet and stick to the pattern. My pattern is always protected.

I'd be interested to hear how others store their patterns and volumes of knitting information. Inquiring minds would love to know. :)

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Trina said...

Sounds like you have a very organised system then :) My aunty does the same thing - although she has one folder for ladies patterns, one for babies, one for mens, etc. I have a concertina file for my patterns, split the same way into categories. I do like your sheet protector idea though.

Looks like you're nearly finished your Hey Teach!'s as well, yay!