Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ophelia #2 in the Making

First off, I would like to answer a really important question from Trina who had asked..."what happened to CeCe?" Great question. CeCe is still on my radar. It's high on my "queue" on Ravelry (as well as Alpine). I spent a lot of time trying to get "zen"-like vibes from both CeCe pattern and yarns. Like becoming one with the pattern and yarn. Typically, a pattern will scream "hey, use this wonderful yarn" or the yarn will say "this pattern will work great with me". No vibes were received. I even did swatches...still nothing. I even had all my stitch markers lined up and ready to go. Nothing. I trust my instincts and so far my other FOs have had great results. I have to be patient with CeCe. One day soon, I'm sure a lightbulb will go off in my head and you'll see a huge post from me. :)

In the meantime, I have casted on another version of Ophelia. I was at my LYS trying to figure out which Dyed Cotton (Blue Sky Alpacas) yarn color would work. Funny, they had similar colors I had used for both versions of Hey Teach! I was gravitating towards those colors, when my instinct took over and I pulled out the Mediterranean blue color. Again, I was thinking of multiple seasons as well as dressy and casual wear. I think this color fits my requirements.

Lace pattern ribbing of Ophelia in Mediterranean blue

Let me say that this yarn is just gorgeous to knit with. It's sooo soft and maintains wonderful stitch definitions.

Close up pic and the real Mediterranean yarn color

I plan on knitting the Mediterranean version while at the LYS and the other version, Cactus, at home.

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Trina said...

That's a cool process! I suppose I think through the same kind of thing without realising it - I usually see a pattern I love and then think about what yarn I have to go with it, or I buy a yarn on sale and then spend ages trying to find the right pattern to go with it! (Like my Artyarns debacle!)

That's a lovely colour blue though, definately one that will cross over seasons well :)