Monday, February 23, 2009

Catching Up On The Knitting Front

I've had a busy weekend. Saturday morning I went to church. As the unofficial photog, I took a lot of pictures of the kids, couples, and families during Sabbath school and church service. As a side job, I plan on creating a church directory. I've given myself 6 months to complete this task including taking over 200 pics of all the church family members. Yes, I'm behind already. After a couple of hours at church, I came home and crashed. I was one tired puppy.

I went to my LYS (With Yarn in Front) in Centreville to see if they had a pattern I've been looking for. Well, what do you think caught my eye? These cool looking purse handles made by Clover. What will I do with them? I plan on sewing a knitting bag for myself. I've seen so many cute ones, but I have had to resist...big time! I know I can sew one that would cost a lot less. I also have a huge fabric stash that would benefit from a 1-1/2 yard reduction. Additional information on my knitting bag will be posted on my sewing blog.

My new handles for my future knitting bag

My Cropped Cardi Vest is coming along. I started to knit the front right piece.

The back of my Cropped Cardi Vest is completed

I can't do anything sewing related (e.g. trace a pattern, cut out fabric, etc) until my Two-Tone Sweater is completed. It's currently taken up space on my cutting table. I finished seaming the second sleeve. I went ahead and tried it on to find that: 1) I can get the sweater over my head and 2) the sleeve lengths are perfect. I did intentionally reduce the number of knitted rows. When I finish this sweater, I will post a review here. Oh, I would like to add that this sweater is BULKY! I love the Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarns, but my goodness...where am I going to store this sweater????

Almost done with my Two-Tone sweater. Just need to sew the side seams.

Finally, here's a picture of me modeling my finished shrug.

I feel like a neon sign...the pink is awfully bright


Trina said...

You're coming along well - I love that two-tone sweater, its going to look great when its finished :)

And congratulations on nominating yourself church photographer, that's such a good idea!

Trina said...

PS - thanks for all your comments on my blog! I hope you take pictures of your bedful of yarn once you get to that stage :) And sadly no, my puppy dog is a little too big to model the puppy jumper, but I might still be able to get a picture of the recipient wearing it!