Saturday, February 7, 2009

Looking Ahead & Warm Thoughts

As I'm sitting here knitting with some thick yarns, my thoughts are already onto warmer weather and spring time. It's probably because we are heading into a temporary warm spell this weekend and into early next week. Still, I am getting anxious and need to get more practice with the sweaters I plan on knitting for the next two months. You know, knit up the heavy yarn stash so I can make room for some lightweight yarn. This year, I would like to knit a tank top, tshirt, and a cardigan.

I like the style and shape of this cardigan. I can see knitting this in a rose colored yarn.

Victoria Cropped V-Neck Cardigan from S. Charles Collezione Spring/Summer 2009 Collection

This vest caught my eye. Wouldn't this be cool in black for that special occasion or in blue to wear with jeans?

Luxury Cap-Sleeved Vest from Filatura Di Crosa Spring/Summer 2009 Collection

I can picture this in a solid color like beige or black. This can be worn under the cap-sleeved vest. I like it when a plan comes together.

Superior Tank from Filatura Di Crosa Spring/Summer 2009 Collection

I know at some point, I can even feel it in the air, that I will eventually have some WIPs to talk about.

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Trina said...

Ooo they all look nice! Its good to have goals for projects for the year :)