Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Something Came in the Mail Today...

Isn't this vest cute?
I found this cool looking pattern by Barbara Breiter on Knitting on the Net. I looked high and low for this Crystal Palace Meringue yarn at my local yarn shops only to find that it has been discontinued. I stumbled across Bargain Yarns and they had the yarn on sale. How could I resist? I purchased 4 balls of each color (pictured below). Yes, I couldn't resist the black yarn. I ordered the yarn on Sunday evening and it arrived today. That's fast service.

I did take a chance on buying this yarn. I'm the type of person who has to feel and touch the yarns before I buy. I am glad I took the chance. This yarn feels wonderful.

Crystal Palace Meringue yarns in Fall Herbs, Black, and Scuba Dive

I joined Ravelry last month. I finally got around to posting my projects there. I also learned how to setup my progress bars here on my knitting blog. I really love technology and learning lots by having this blog.

I also started my second sweater. This one is from the Better Homes & Garden Knitted Sweaters for Her booklet that I previously posted about. I'm getting in the mood for warmer weather and I just love this cheery Tudor color.

Basic Sweater from the BHG Knitted Sweaters for Her booklet. Knitting with Lion Brand Homespun in Tudor color.

You can see I'm getting a lot of practice with the Lion Brand yarns. Now, I can't wait to start knitting with the more fancy yarns I recently purchased.


Trina said...

Yes, that vest looks really neat! And isn't it lovely getting special knitting mail :) I usually order my yarn online from America, so I know what you mean about taking a risk.

Trina said...

Hi again!
Thanks for your comment - I really like your suggestion for the name!
And your letter for a meme is: B! Good luck!