Friday, February 27, 2009

Upcoming Weekend and Storage Thoughts

I'm devoting most of my upcoming weekend to sewing. I am sure I'll be knitting here and there for an hour or two. I have 3 knitting projects on the needles, plus one that I plan on starting. So, I have to somehow spread my time.

Trina and I have been sharing emails this past week. One our topics was how we carry/store out current knitting projects. I wanted to share some pics of what I am currently using.

My main knitting bag is made out of clear vinyl. The bag is quite small and can only carry one or two projects at a time. I love that it's clear vinyl so I can see what's inside. No more, where did I put my tape measure?

My vinyl knitting tote bag

And when I have too many projects going on at the same time, one of them gets carried in a 2.5 gallon ziplock bag.

2.5 gallon Ziplock bag - the next best thing to carry my knitting projects

Here is my temporary storage for my knitting needles. Do you recognize the container? I know, I should be carrying my knitting projects in this, right? But my projects and my circulars don't fit. Sometimes hard to get in and out of the small round opening. It's only good for carrying yarns and storing knitting needles. ;) My circulars are now stored in individual zip lock bags...quart size (right side of the pic below). They are more relaxed when stored like this. I'm now thinking of punching a hole in the corner of these bags and storing them in a binder.

My knitting needle storage container

That's all for now. Happy Knitting!

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Trina said...

They are some big red needles you've got there!!
And I think storing your circular needle bags in a binder is a fantastic idea :)