Friday, February 6, 2009

Knitting Thoughts & Beginning of Weekend

As I visit the knitting blog world, I see that others have several knitting WIPs in the works. I actually can see the need for several WIPs. As I am finishing my sweater, I realize that there are times when the process can be a bit boring. I was tempted to start another sweater, but then I had to put my blinders on and remain focused no matter how boring repetitive knitting a row and purling a row was to me. I am like that with my sewing projects. Sew/finish one project and move on to the next.

But I can change.

Once I've completed my current sweater, I plan on making another. A cropped version in olive green. Should knit up a lot faster.

It's suppose to be nice and a bit warmer this weekend. I hope to spend some time outside.

Enjoy your weekend!


Amy said...

Like you, I've always been a one project at a time kind gal. But, I can totally see why people have more than one in progress also. Having just finished a baby blanket done completely in garter stitch - I got soooo bored. I'm just afraid that if I do start another project, I won't want to go back and finish the first.

Trina said...

Lol I used to be like that too, with only one project at a time, but I usually get interrupted by working on a quick project for someone else in the middle of something for me! I also find that most projects are too complicated for car travel, so I have to take boring garter stitch ones just so I don't make mistakes!
Good luck with finishing your sweater :)