Monday, February 9, 2009

More Knitting Resource Books

Another great resource book to have on hand is The Knitter's Companion book. As I am progressing further along in my knitting, this book is becoming invaluable. It's a small hardcover book with a spiral binding on the inside. I can easily flip through the book and lay the pages flat.

The topics include: In Preparation (supplies & notions, yarn structure, yarn sizes, yarn label symbols, formula for interchanging yarns, yardage estimates, taking body measurements, body measurement tables, sweater ease allowances, weights and lengths, abbreviations), The Basics (continental method, English method, slipped stitches, yarnovers, gauge, measuring the knitting, reading patterns & charts), Cast-Ons, Joining Yarns, Increases, Decreases, Bind-Offs, Blocking, Seaming, Hems and Hemming, Borders and Edges, Details (beading, buttonholes, duplicate stitch, french knot, fringe, knitted cord, pom-pom, tassel, etc).

You can find a sample of the pages here at Interweave's site,The Knitter's Companion book.

Small hardcover book with spiral binding inside

When I feel like reading about knitting, I will pick up this book The Knitting Answer Book. It's a great Q&A book on knitting. Over 350 pages of Q&As and helpful information. It's small in size and can easily be carried in a knitting bag. Some of the Q&A topics found in this book: knitting basics, binding off, tools, yarns, reading patterns, pattern stitches, circular knitting, color (e.g. stripes, intarsia), shaping, fitting, finishing (blocking, sewing, solving problems), embellishments, etc.

The author includes many tips and hints. There are a few drawings/diagrams included.

A nice portable book to carry in the knitting bag

I purchased both of these books last year when I started to knit. It wasn't until the last two months that I started to use them.

Sometimes when I have a few minutes to read, I will pick up one of these books and learn something new.

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