Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Current Resources - Basic Knitting Books

I am still knitting/working on my sweater. In the meantime, I wanted to do a post about the resources I am using to help get me through my first knitted garment. Though the Internet has been wonderful, there are times when I can't get to my computer or don't have the time to surf. Here are two books that have helped me get out of a few binds.

This is a really cool, portable knitting book for beginners like me. It covers just about everything you wanted to know about the basics of knitting (e.g. tools, stitches, increase, decrease, finishing, sweater construction, blocking, seaming, picking up stitches, buttonholes, etc). This small & compact reference book is always in my knitting bag.

For more detailed information/pictures, I've come to rely on this book. This is a great reference book to use. It shows many of the the how to steps as well as what the end results should look like. There's an introduction to knitting, basic techniques, basic stitch patterns, shaping, correcting mistakes, learning to read written instructions, knitting in the round, more complicated stitch patterns, openwork, color knitting, finishing, decorative details, and includes some easy and intermediate knitting projects. I love this book for the pictures.

Both books have been a valuable resource to me and helped me advance to the different stages of knitting/putting my sweater together.

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