Friday, October 9, 2009

Just When I Thought...

*** Updated with picture of Alpine ***

...I was done with prioritizing my Ravelry queue, I find another pattern. This time I was perusing around and came across SweaterBabe's Vine Lace Top-Down Cardigan. It is really cute. The design, the style, and the cute pockets...adorable! This pattern quickly worked it's way into my Top 5 queue. There is a lot of texture and design features incorporated into the front. It's doggone gorgeous!

Vine Lace Top-Down Cardigan by SweaterBabe for

Simple styling from the back. Love the deep ribbing

I would love to knit this up right now, but I need to go stash diving and see if I have any bulky weight yarn and enough yardage. This would be beautiful in a burgundy or raspberry color. Definitely charcoal color. Even a bright blue color.


I just have less than an inch of work to do on the neckline and I should be done. Maybe an hour's worth of work. Alpine is done. I just need to weave in some loose ends and decide which button to use.

Here's a close-up of the decorative neckline and BO:


I hope to start this cardi/hoodie this coming weekend. Unless something else interferes (like starting the Vine Lace cardi).

Happy Knitting!


Rachel said...

WOW!!! Your Alpine is gorgeous!!! I am still working on mine. I don't think I am as much a slow knitter as that I have a short attention span. I started on the first sleeve. As I go along, I may send some questions your way.

Trina said...

That was a good colour choice for your Alpine, it looks lovely!
Hehe SweaterBabe always has such nice patterns, very hard to resist :)