Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Starting Over...Size

I started working on my CPH (central park hoodie) a few days ago. This is as far as I got with it:

Yesterday, I CO another version. I decided to go up a size to a Medium (40"). I normally knit a 36" and that depends on the garment type as well as the type of yarn I will be using. On Ravelry, I read that CPH runs small. I noticed other knitters who were close to my size, were knitting one size up, even two. I decided to follow suit.

Now, normally I don't follow the majority. I'm an independent thinker. God gave me a brain to use to make my own decisions and to be a creative individual. That's who I am. BUT, when previous experience of others have resulted in the same or similar answers, I don't mind following along to get similar results.

So, with CPH I will knit one size larger. I also plan on making some other adjustments on the fly. I can do that, because I'm an independent thinker and I know how to make adjustments to get a better results for me. I can do this because it will be my own hand knit garment. Remember, I'm the creative individual creating a unique garment.

I'm still in the learning process of knitting. Just like I am in the sewing world even though I've been sewing for 4 years now. I never stop learning. It's an on-going process for me in anyone of my many hobbies.

I'm still learning about size in knitting and can be fooled by the individual pattern makers/designers. Have you noticed, that each knitting pattern is different and you may not get the same size results you anticipated from one pattern to the next? But in the end, 90% of you out there are happy that it fits? BTW, I'm one of those in the 90% category. :)

I know if I knit a few patterns from the same designer (e.g. Hélène Rush), I will get consistent results in size. When I start knitting patterns from different designers, I will get different results.

Have you ever seen a cardigan with buttons pulling across and distorting the front of the garment? That's a no-no.

Personally, I don't care to knit something tight or close fitting. I don't strive for that. I want my hand knit garments to drape over my body. I want my garments to look good on me. I want to be able to breathe while wearing them.

I'm not disappointed that my first 12 inches of CPH will have to be frogged. I'm not disappointed that I lost a few hours of knitting. I'm not mad at myself for making a bad choice. I don't like to complain, but rather move on.

What did I get out this experience? I got a chance to practice and memorize the cable pattern. How do you like my gigantic swatch?

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Trina said...

That's absolutely the best way to think of it! I'm glad us knitters have the independence to change a pattern to make it more individual and put our own little stamp on it :)