Friday, October 2, 2009

Look What I Found....

I'm back from Day 2 at the Sewing Expo. I found a whole bunch of lovely buttons. Most of them were 50% off. I purchased these buttons with a "vision" for future hand knit projects. So, they won't go to waste. Here's the results of my two day's of digging in the button pile:

When I got home this afternoon, this was waiting for City Tweed HW in Jacquard. Notice, I have recently purchased buttons already picked out to go with this yarn. Isn't the yarn lovely?

Here's an update of my Alpine. Back is finished.

Now, I'm still knitting the front left. I wanted to show one of the new buttons that happens to match Alpine nicely. The other button that I'm contemplating is the single orange button in the top photo, second from the left corner.

My head is still spinning from all the wonderful sewing information I've received. I still have one more day at the Expo with one more class to attend.


Rachel said...

Your Alpine is looking fantastic!!! I just started the right front. I have been scratching my head over the right front instructions. I may wait for you to get through that section and then ask you for help. It says to reverse the shaping that you do on the Left Front. Hmmmm.?

2BSewing: said...

Hi Rachel! I know what you're thinking. ;) Reverse shaping. A lot of patterns are written like that. Unfortunately, very few patterns will actually tell you how line by line to reverse the shaping for the right front.

Sometime tomorrow, I should start the shaping for the left front. Feel free to start asking questions.

Trina said...

Those buttons are amazing, very pretty! Your Apline is looking very nice too :)

Rachel said...

Thanks. I actually have the left front done, it is the right front that says to reverse the shaping from what it was for the left front. If you don't mind, when you get there, I will have some questions I am sure.