Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Knitting When I Can

The sewing bug has bit me. A small enough bite that I must take advantage of the moment and see where it leads me. For the next few days and weeks, I need to find a balance between sewing and knitting. I know some of you have already accomplished this. I know it's not easy.

I'm thankful that I spent some time focusing on my knitting to-do-list for the remainder of the year. That will help. I have moved my most of my beautiful yarns out of my sewing room...yarns that I know I will not get to until next year. It will be hard not to give them their deservedly squeeze every now and then, but I need my sewing space. Thank goodness for Ravelry's stash organizer...a great resource to remind me of what I have. Now, if I can just remember where I put them. ;)

BTW...I'm testing out an application I found at the online Apple store for my iPod. I can load pictures of my yarn stash and keep a "portable" list with me. I can also keep a list of all my needles. I can upload pictures of my future projects as well as completed projects. I'm still testing this application as I want to see how much info it can really hold and is it really worth the price and how often do I use it. If I really like, I'll be back to post the name. ;)

I'm done knitting all my Alpine pieces. I'm now working on knitting the front left and right bands. After that, I will start the seaming process. I hope to work on the neckline by Friday.

I've been swatching my CPHoodie using the City Tweed HW yarn with my #8 and #9 needles. I'm right on target with #8s. Knitting with #9s would give me a bit more ease...about 2 inches overall. This is important for me as I'm figuring out what I will be wearing under this hoodie. The City Tweed HW yarn is not as thick as I first thought. Don't let the "HW" for heavy weight fool you. I may end up going with the #9s in order to wear long sleeve Ts under my hoodie. Will I run out of yarn? Probably not. I already measured my sleeve length and compared it to the line drawings. I will need to shorten my sleeves by 6 inches. What??? Yes. I will double check my measurements before I start knitting. :)


Trina said...

Hey - i'm buying the CPH pattern today, i'm going to start on it once i've finished my clapotis! I'll keep an eye out for any tips you have to share :)

2BSewing: said...

Hi Trina...no problem. If I uncover anything with CPH...you'll see a quick message on Ravelry from me and a post here. ;)

BTW...it appears they applied the "errata" to the soft copy of the instructions...still, check it. ;)