Saturday, October 31, 2009

One Completed, One More to Knit

Okay, one more post about my socks with pics and I must get back to my knitting. I managed to finish one and I estimate it took me about 5 hours (an hour here and there) from casting on to seaming the back of the ribbed cuff. Now, the second one is going much faster. Here is one sock completed:

I had a chance to learn a new technique...the Kitchener stitch. I used this to finish off the toe end. It really makes a nice finish:

This cool project has given me lots of opportunities to learn new techniques. An invigorating project!

I should finish the second matching sock by tomorrow morning and have a review within the next day or two.

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Trina said...

How exciting! It looks great! 5 hours isn't that bad at all!