Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another Weekend of Knitting & Sewing

This weekend, I have to split my time between sewing and knitting. I have finished knitting my cropped cardi vest, but it's not really finished. I think I need to steam the edges to get it to lay flat. I finished the edges in a seed stitch and looking back at the end results, I might have knitted this too loosely which is causing it to ripple in some areas.

I love this garment and how it turned out. I am glad that I chose this color yarn, it is very cheery and bright. The t-shirt you see under the cardi vest in the picture below is one that I had sewn last year and it complements the cardi vest quite well.

Cropped Cardi Vest on SusieQ

I plan on posting my review of this cardi vest with additional pictures later this weekend.

Now, I need to get some sewing done. :)


Trina said...

Ooo pretty! You're right, the colours do look lovely :)

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