Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shrug This #3 - Completed

Okay, okay...this is the last one. :) I found this purple yarn at my LYS and I just had to make another shrug. I tend to wear a lot of blacks and blues (the bruise colors) and thought purple would be a nice color to wear. If I add up all the hours, over a few takes about 6-8 hours for me to complete one of these. Not bad.

I won't do a review on this one, as you can read the reviews from the previous ones I've made. I've included pictures. Enjoy!

Shrug This in Plymouth Encore Chunky Purple

Front view

Side view

Back side

On the circular knitting needle

Here's the link for all the Shrug This posts/reviews I have on my blog.

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Trina said...

You're turning into a knitting machine programmed for this pattern! Well done on another FO :)