Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Fitted Cardigan - WIP

I love this cardigan! I love how quickly it's knitting up. I love the shaping and the darts. I love the two colors I chose even though the olive green is showing up as yellow in the pictures. The only negative thing I can say about this cardigan is it may not fit me. Sure, I chose the 38 inch finished bust when I casted on. The top of the sleeves, back and front appear to be in alignment with my body. The area under my bust is very snug. Almost barely breathing snug.

Bold & Bulky Mini Cardi - front view

Back view

I will continue to finish this cardigan and see what it looks like in the end. I have the two sleeves to pick up and knit and then pick up and knit the front and back neck edges.

I'll be back....

Update: I wanted to add that this pattern is available in the Fitted Knits book by Stefanie Japel. It's also a free pattern at Lion Brand's site and includes the corrections to the instructions.


Trina said...

You're putting me to shame with all your progress on different things!!

Maybe you could knit the front sections a little bigger than the pattern to give you some more breathing room?

2BSewing: said...

Trina...it's called knitting by the seat of my pants. I just knit til I'm blue in the face. LOL! I'm thankful that the projects I've picked out have kept my interest. If you've noticed, I'm using a lot of bulky yarn to make the project knit faster. :)

You hit the nail on the head about what to do with the front sections. Thanks for reconfirming. :)