Friday, March 13, 2009

Knitting Weekend & Other Things

My DB is arriving later this evening. Not sure what we'll be doing this weekend, but I'm sure it will be a photographic adventure.

I wanted to post a long overdue picture of me wearing my cropped cardi vest to give an idea of length and fit.

Wearing My Cropped Cardi Vest

I'm making progress on the back piece of my shell. Gosh, I just love this yarn color I'm knitting with. This shell is turning out to be slightly wider than 18 inches, which is fine for me as I don't want this shell to be too tight. I'm anticipating when I'm done with both back and front pieces that the finished bust will be around 37 inches. This will be my first fitted garment, so I'm quite excited to get this all knitted up and seamed and see how it fits. This will lay the ground work for me on how to judge a pattern size...just like sewing.

Shell - working my way towards the neckline

Since knitting is a very portable hobby, I plan on knitting wherever I go this weekend.

Happy Knitting!

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Delana said...

Cute cardi! The yarn for your shell is beautiful. Is it "slubby" like it looks from afar or is it a tweedy dye?

Thanks for the compliments left on my blog :o) I'm rather pleased with the way the top turned out myself, and can't wait for the weather to warm enough to wear it!