Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Knitting Right Along

I am beginning to see a knitting pattern here. I seem to have four (4) different knitting projects going on at the same time. When I'm done with one knitting project, I start another one. Keeping four going. There's a really good reason for that and now I have an understanding why others might be doing this.

I am back to knitting my BHG beginner sweater. After seeing Monica's comment here and Trina's on Ravelry, I realized I needed to get this sweater done and preferably before the warmer weather heads my way. I really like how this Tudor (Homespun) color yarn is working out.

BHG Sweater-back...still working my way towards the neckline

I'm making some progress on my Plymouth Royal Llama Silk shrug. I don't think I have enough yarn. The pattern calls for 4 balls of yarn. I'm on my 3rd ball and have only knitted 1/4 of the main body (K1,P1). I still have 12 inches of the main body to knit. I know I'll need at least 2 balls when I go back to the K2,P2 section. So, I'll keep knitting until I run out.

Plymouth Royal Llama Silk Shrug...starting to knit the K1,P1 main body

I'm also working on a Plymouth Baby Kimono for my Godmother's granddaughter. The kimono takes only two skeins of Plymouth Encore yarn. My LYS only had 1 skein of the Heather Pink left. I bought that color plus a Light Pink skein...thinking I could knit different sections in different yarn colors (e.g. the front panels in light pink and the sleeve and collar in the heather pink). Well, the sleeves and front panels are completed. All I need to knit is the back piece, sew the seams, and then knit the shawl collar. I don't think I have enough of one color to knit the whole back, so I might end up knitting in the Heather Pink halfway up and then use the Light Pink for the top half. I'm not sure I'll have enough of one color to finish the shawl collar.

I am not comfortable enough to feel the yarn and figure out how much I have left. So, this is a good puzzle for me to figure out and get through this slight issue. In the meantime, I've put this project on hold so I can make a dent in the others.

Plymouth Baby Kimono...Heather Pink sleeve panels and Light Pink front panels

I still have my Cropped Cardi/Vest on my needles. I am knitting the last front panel.

This is amazing that the four knitting projects or WIPs I have, don't require the same needle sizes. LOL!!!

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Trina said...

That's my problem, if you can call it that - my next project needs the same size needles as the one i'm working on at the moment, so I can't move on until I finish what i'm working on! Its nice to work on different things at different times though isn't it :)